Training courses Yoga Kids it's child's play









For whom?


Yoga instructors, school teachers, educators, speech therapists...or Yogis keen to share their passion with their kids. 



Training course objectifs


Be able to:


- teach a 60 minutes Yoga Kids class targeted to a specific age group  (kindergarden, primary, mid- or high-school, family-Yoga)

- prepare a detailed lesson plan well adapted to each group

- have a sound knowledge of the vast world of Yoga: asanas (alignement, signification, sequencing), Hindu mythology, mudras, mantras and mandalas

- teaching Ujjayi breath through fun games

- acquiring tools for effective stress management 

- reenergise students by means of a guided meditation

- manage a heterogeneous group of 10, 20 or 30 youngsters

- apply pedagogic tools to a specific public: ADHD

- compile playlists to suit various age groups, different moods & vibes


2 formulas to choose from