My approach "Yoga Kids it's child's play"






"Yoga Kids it's child's play" uses pioneering teaching tools to make our younger generations enjoy practising Yoga to the extent that they will  want to incorporate it into their daily routine. Inspired by an Anglo-Saxon pedagogy of positive motivation, Yoga Kids it's child's play is based on 3 main pillars (the "3 is"), namely:



Innovation - Interaction - Interdisciplinary




Yogis write their own Yoga stories, incorporating different postures and, in teams, stage them in order to better appropriate them. To keep the attention of our young audience, as instructors we are well advised to constantly renew ourselves and offer new challenges in a fun way. 




Yoga Kids it's child's play makes the the flipped classroom come alive. Students become active players in their own learning process. Our objectif: encourage our youngsters to spread their wings to enable them to fly all by themselves.



Workshops combing Yoga with art or music (percussion, Mantras, tibetan bol), Yoga Storytime, Yoga and mindfulness and Yoga and Hindu Mythology. The key being to make learning accessible and FUN.