Born in Germany, Astrid has spent many years travelling, studying and working in anglophone countries. After graduating with a MSc in Economic History of developing economies at the London School of Economics, she seized the opportunity of working in South Africa to deepen her knowledge in Anthropology at the University of Capetown. 


Yoga has always been a prat of her life: the deep, regular Yoga breath Ujjayi was revealed to her naturally. It became her close ally for trying times. After a career in London, in 2013 Astrid continued her Yoga trainign with Gérard Arnaud to become a certified teacher of Vinyasa and Hatha. She then specialized in teaching Yoga to children of all ages. 


Fascinated by the self-healing capacity of our body and the results obtained in Yoga therapy, Astrid broadened her knowledge in energy healing with Reiki Master Valérie Joly. 


English teacher at the Institut de l'Assomption-Lübeck, Astrid was determined to introduce Yoga into Parisian schools where she has been giving classes since 2015. She has also given numerous Yoga classes and mindfulness workshops to children and their families in bilingual schools such as La Tour and EIB Paris and renowned Parisian Yoga centers like YUJ, Snake&Twist etc. 


Passionate about teaching, Astrid has developed her own specific method: "Yoga Kids it's child's play" is based on an Anglo-Saxon approach of positive pedagogy. It combines Yoga postures, breathing exercises, Hindu mythology with arts & crafts and games. 


Over the past 3 years, Astrid has trained about 200 happy Yoga Kids teachers worldwide who pass on her legacy of a fun-induced Yoga Kids practice!